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40-days-old Kosovon baby, who had lethal congenital health problems had been transferred to Medicana Çamlıca Hospital since he could not be treated in his country. After a successful surgery, he returned to life.

Endrit Gjata was born on 14th February and was sent to home right after delivery. Nobody had noticed his disease. After a while, he was admitted to hospital again with the symptoms such as shortness of breath and cyanosis. As a result of examinations, it turned out that he had to be operated urgently. There was a big hole in his heart and one ventricle of his heart was missing. In addition, the main vein sending blood to the lungs was underdeveloped. Since this surgery could not be performed in his country, he was transferred to Medicana Çamlıca Hospital by Kosovo Ministry of Health. Kosovan baby gained his health with the help of surgery performed by Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Ömer Işık, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırbaş and Anesthesiologist Nurşen Tanrıkulu.

The father of baby; Ferat Gjata expressed his happiness about the surgery which was a success. He said: "In Medicana Hospital, the doctors really do their best. Our child's condition is very good right now and improves every day. We thank Medicana Hospital."

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Ömer Işık who was in the surgery team said: "The baby came to us with all the information about his health condition and heart problem already gathered in detail. When he was born, he was sent to home without noticing his disease. As the cyanosis began, he had been examined thoroughly and his disease had become apparent. The disease can be explained like this: One of his ventricles -as popularly known there should be two in heart- was completely absent, the hole which should be between the two chambers of the heart was totally absent and the main vein sending blood to the lungs was underdeveloped. These three anomalies are often seen but in separate cases. This was a quiet uncommon case that three of the anomalies were seen in the same time. In surgery, we rebuilt the connection between the heart and the lung with an artificial vein route. Thus, some of the blood coming out of the heart was transferred to lung veins and came back to heart loaded with oxygen. There is no cyanosis right now and the baby's oxygen levels are doubled.” 

Medicana Health Group International Marketing and Operations Group Director Necdet Kandemir stated that; “Medicana Health Group started to respond the needs of Kosovan patients’ on Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Cardio Vascular Surgery with experienced medical crew and excellent service in 2013. Experience of medical crew, high quality of non-medical services, high operational success rate and multilingual International Patient Center team is the answer for why Medicana Health Group is preferred. Health of Kosovan babies entrusted to Medicana Health Group.”

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