Faculty of Medicine and Year of Graduation

Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine- 2007

Place and Year of Specialization Education

Düzce University Faculty of Medicine DEpartment of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases-2011

Professional Experience

Ağrı Doğubeyazıt State Hospital

Bursa Inegol State Hospital

Balikesir Bigadiç State Hospital

Bursa Çekirge State Hospital

Bursa Romatem Hospital

Medical Area of Interests

Fungal diseases, viral diseases, parasitic diseases, bacterial diseases, mycobacterial diseases, Syphilis, venereal diseases other than syphilis, Acneiform dermatoses, Inflammatory dermatoses, Keratinization disorders, Bullous dermatoses, Urticaria group diseases, Drug reactions, Eczema group diseases, Vascular diseases, Physical factors associated dermatoses, connective tissue diseases and Behçet's disease, Necrobiotic and granulomatous diseases, Skin findings of systemic diseases, Skin diseases related to metabolic disorders, Adipose tissue diseases, Genodermatoses, Pigmentation disorders, Oral diseases, Sweat gland diseases, Hair and hair diseases, Nail diseases , Congenital anomalies, Epidermal benign tumors, Epidermal precancerous lesions and in situ malignancies, Nevo-melanocytic benign tumors, Cysts, Skin attachment tumors, Benign vascular tumors, Benign neural tumors, Benign fibrohistiocytic tumors, mastocytosis, Adipose tissue tumors, Malign epithelial tumors, Malignant melanoma, Sarcomatous tumors of the skin, Lymphoprolative diseases of the skin, Cutane metastasis.

Dermatocosmetic interests:

1- Botox treatment (botulinum toxin injection to wrinkles on the face and neck)

2- Filling applications

3- PRP (plateret rich plasma) and mesotherapy treatment in hair diseases.

4- Intralesional injection treatment for hair diseases (hair loss, etc.).

5- PRP-Mesotherapy for wrinkles and spots on the face, neck and hand

6- Partial matrixectomy and nail bed revision (ingrown nail treatment)

7- Hand and Armpit sweating treatment (botox treatment and medical treatments)

8- Salmon DNA Vaccine (Youth Vaccine)

9- Cryotherapy treatment (freezing treatment of warts, moles, calluses)

10- Electrocauterization (treatment of warts, moles, calluses by burning)

11- Hair transplant


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