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Hair Transplantation Packages

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Package Includes

1. Medical Procedure

    • Physician First Examination – Pre-operative
    • Hair transplantation FUE method with guaranteed Maximum Graft Transplantation
    • Micromotor grafts extraction
    • Local anesthesia
    • All medications
    • Postoperative inspection by your doctor
    • 7/24 open emergency line


2. Hospital Facilities

    • Hair Transplantation Room Usage


3. Accommodation

    • 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation 4-5 Stars – (Bed Breakfast – 1 Person)


4. Transports

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    • All transfers between the airport, hospital and hotel

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Before Hair Transplantation

  • Don't use aspirin and B and E vitamins and other similar medicine 1 week before the operation
  • If you drink alcohol, don’t drink Alcohol 3 days before the operation
  • If you have allergy to drugs? Please inform your doctor at the consultation in hospital
  • Do not smoke 24 hours before the operation if possible. Don’t forget that smoking willextend the convalescence time
  • If you’re using medicine for chronical (diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, tuberculosis, etc.) or acute illnesses it is necessary that you inform your doctor at the consultation in hospital
  • Bring comfortable button front shirt and a sweat pants with you
  • Before the operation do not use any gel or sprays after
  • Please bring comfortable clothes with you. Button down front clothes should be worn for the hair transplant



  • Take indivudial hair follicles from back or the the sides of the head (the donor sites) and move them into to balding parts


  • 6 to 8 hours


  • Local or local with sedation


  • Hair thinning, bald patches, swelling of scalp and forhead, itching


  • Back to work 1 to 2 day(s)


  • Permanent with %98 success rate
Last Update: 07.11.2018 Medicana