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Promising Success in Organ Transplant!

Organ Transplant Team of Medicana Health Group Carried Out First Seven-Way Domino Kidney Transplant Surgery in Turkey and Europe



Organ Transplant Team of Medicana Health Group undersigned a historical transplant surgery that instills hope to the world in the field of health. The Seven-Way Donor Kidney Transplant – the highest kidney swap to date -, also called “Domino Transplant”, was performed in Medicana International Istanbul Hospital. Medicana Organ Transplantation Center has become the only facility, wherein such surgeries can be carried out around the globe, in addition to YALE University in the U.S. First domino transplant surgeries of Turkey and Europe were planned under supervision of Prof. Murat Tuncer, M.D., and Prof. Muzaffer Sarıyar, M.D. Fourteen lives were crossed over by operations concomitantly carried out in 7 operating theaters by 23 physicians and numerous specialists.


Organ Transplant Team of Medicana Health Group broke a new ground in Turkey and Europe on October 29; apart from YALE University in the U.S.; the seven-way, the highest number of kidney swap, domino kidney transplant was performed. The first seven-way domino kidney transplant surgery of Turkey and Europe was carried out in Medicana International Istanbul Hospital. Medicana Organ Transplant Team also performed the second four-way donor kidney transplant surgery of Turkey on September 2018.

Concomitantly Performed in 7 Operating Theaters

The first seven-way domino kidney transplant that was performed by Organ Transplant Team of Medicana Health Group was meticulously planned under supervision of Prof. Murat Tuncer, M.D. Numerous physicians, who work in hospitals of Medicana Health Group in Istanbul, took relevant roles, as lead by Prof. Muzaffer Sarıyar, M.D., in these operations that were concomitantly performed in 7 operating theaters. These operations lasted 10 hours in total, which were performed by 9 surgeons, namely Prof. Hasan Taşçı, M.D., Assist. Prof. Volkan Turunç, M.D., Assoc. Prof. Gökhan Çipe, M.D., Sarper Işıksel, M.D., Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Kadıoğlu, M.D., Assist. Prof. Sevim Kuşlu Çiçek, M.D., Abdullah As, M.D., and Ulvi Abdullayev, M.D.


A Promising Operation

“It was a very important operation, which instilled hope to hundred thousands of patients around the world, in the field of organ transplant medicine” said Prof. Murat Tuncer, M.D., the Head of Organ Transplant Unit of Medicana Health Group, for the operation that made Medicana Organ Transplant Center a unique center, where domino donor transplant surgeries can be performed. And added “Our team is very proud to perform these historical operations”.  


Prof. Murat Tuncer, M.D., informs about cross-over transplantation method: “Cross-over transplantation is a perfect modality that is recently introduced to transplant practices and offers chance of kidney transplantation to almost all patients. Moreover, it is the difficulties matches of organ transplant medicine. In cross-over transplantations, donor and recipient operations are concomitantly initiated; kidneys are concomitantly removed and transplanted. This modality enables transplantation for patients with a related donor, even if blood compatibility fails. Donor-recipient pairs, who want to donate kidney despite incompatible blood type, or donor-recipient pairs, who cannot be transplanted kidney from a related donor due to an antibody in the blood of patient, are good candidates of cross-over transplantation, after tissue match, age and primary disease are taken into consideration. This method will offer a chance to any patient with any donor to undergo transplant surgery in our country. This method will increase the rate of cross-over transplantation from 5 percent up to 30 percent for all transplantations, and thus, life of further 1.000 persons will be saved in every year.”


14 Lives were Crossed Over

Donor kidneys of four married couples, one divorced couple, one mother and son and two sisters were swapped by cross-over modality, and thus, 14 lives were crossed over. “I have been taking dialysis therapy for 10 years. This is my first transplant surgery; I had never had this chance previously. In the operation, the donor kidney of Aynur Arıgün is transferred to me. My donor was my spouse. I hope the future will be good” says 54 years old Teslime Pehlivanoğlu, who is married for 20 years and got healthy again with an operation, which helped 7 persons hold on to the life, and who has been waiting for transplantation for 10 years.  


“This is my third Birth”

“In fact, my sister would donate kidney to me, but the tissue match failed. Therefore, we applied for cross-over transplantation. This is my second transplant surgery. Previously, my mother donated her kidney, which was rejected by my body 7 years after the surgery. Now, I feel as if I was reborn. This is my third birth” says 26 years old Esra Saykılı, who was previously undergone renal transplant surgery twice and whose donor was her elder sister Figen Karaca.


“Patients with kidney disease face tremendous difficulties. I have witnessed everything my spouse experienced. It seems slightly easier for us, I mean donors, but recipients should also be very careful after the surgery. Organ donation means helping a person to hold on to life” says 50 years old ready-made seller Selçuk Pehlivanoğlu, who did not hesitate even for a moment to donate his kidney to his spouse, who had been waiting for transplantation for 9 years.


23 Physicians Took Role

In the first seven-way domino kidney transplantation of Turkey and Europe, immunological assessments were carried out by Prof. Mahmut Çarin and his team, while Assoc. Prof. Osman Zikrullah Şahin, M.D., Can Kinalp, M.D., Mustafa Düzenli, M.D., nd Utku Yandımata, M.D., were headed by Prof. Murat Tuncer, M.D., for preoperative preparations and postoperative follow-up. All transplantations were coordinated by Ali Demirel, M.D., and Utku Yandımata, M.D., who were guided by Orçun Subaşılar, M.D. Ismail Şener Demiroluk, M.D., and a team that consists of six professionals undertook the anesthesiology and reanimation follow-up of patients. A multi-disciplinary team that consists of 23 physicians and numerous healthcare professionals took role in the transplant surgeries.

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