Medical School

Istanbul University Medical Faculty 1996

Post-Graduate Training

Ankara University Pulmonary Diseases Department 2004

Professional Experience

1997-1999 Bahçe State Hospital – Osmaniye
1999-2004 Ankara University Medical Faculty/Chest Surgery Department
2006-2009 New York Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital/2006-2009
Lung Transplantation Program
2009-2015 İnönü University Medical Faculty/Chest Surgery Department
2015-2021 İnönü University Medical Faculty/Chest Surgery Department (Assoc. Prof – Head of Department) 1995 - 1996 Roche HYB 50.000 Pediatric Screening Campaign Project Coordinator

Medical Interests

  • Minimal invasive surgery awake lung and mediastinal surgeries
  • Lung cancer Bronchiectasis Mediastinal tumors and diseases
  • Airway (trachea) tumors
  • Airway Stenosis
  • Thoracic Wall Tumors
  • Thoracic Wall deformities (Pigeon's chest, shoemaker's chest)
  • Excessive sweating of hands and armpits

Special Experience

  • Videothoracoscopic lung surgeries (VATS, closed lung surgeries)
  • Videothoracoscopic mediastinal surgeries (thymus gland diseases, tumors)
  • Nuss Method (closed) used for thoracic wall dysmorphology.
  • Trachea surgery (tumors, stenoses)
  • Bronchoscopic volume decreasing surgery in COPD.
  • Video-thoracoscopic (closed) pleura surgeries

Awards and Thanks
Columbia University/ABD Department of Surgery Start-up Grant 2007-2008
Turkish Thoracic Surgery Association 8th National Thoracic Report Second degree April 2015
Surgery Congress PS-56.

Medical Second Opinion
✓ Valid

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