Medical School

Ankara University Medical Faculty, 1996

Post-Graduate Training

Ankara University Medical Faculty  - Medical Oncology 2005
Ankara University Institute of Healthcare Sciences Hemapharesis M.Sc 2003
Ankara University Medical Faculty  - Internal Medicine 2001

Professional Experience

Medicana International Ankara Hospital- Medical Oncology and BMT Center Specialist (2008-current)
Samsun Mehmet Aydın State Hospital- Medical Oncology Specialist (2006-2008)

Medical Interests

Stem Cell Transplantation


Breast Cancer

Colon Cancer

Lung Cancer

Scientific Publications

Some articles published in international peer-reviewed journals:
1) Altun R, Gökmen A, Tek İ, Akçağlayan Soydan E, Yüksel Kurt M. Endoscopic Evaluation of Acute Intestinal Graft-versus-Host Disease After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation . Turk J Gastroenterol 2016 Epub.
2) Aktas C, Kurtman C, Ozbilgin MK, Tek I, Toprak SK. An Experimental Study of Radiation Effect on Normal Tissue: Analysis of HIF-1?, VEGF, eIF2, TIA-1, and TSP-1 Expression. Turk J Hematol 2013; 30(4):371-78.
3) Tek I, Toprak SK, Hasdemir E, Rahatli S, Yesilkaya A. Influence of febrile neutropenia period on plasma viscosity at malignancy. ScientificWorldJournal. 2013 Oct 27;2013:507270. doi: 10.1155/2013/507270
4) Tek I, Mızrak D, Utkan G, Toprak SK, Tutkak H, Büyükçelik A, Yalçın B, Akbulut H, İçli F. IgA lambda oligoclonal gammopathy in multiple myeloma. Turk J Hematol 2010; 27(2):126-27.
5) Tek I, Iyidir OT, Utkan G, Ceyhan K, Buyukcelik A, Yalcin B, Demirkazik A. Lung Cancer Metastasis Mimicking Gluteal Abscess; Case Report. South Med J, 100,334-5 (2007).
6) Utkan G, Tek I, Kocer M, Muallaoglu S, Durnali AG, Arslan UY, Celenkoglu G, Tokluoglu S, Alkis N. Blood viscosity in patients with diffuse large B cell non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Exp Oncol, 28, 326-327 (2006).
7) Dogan M, Demirkazik A, Konuk N, Yalcin B, Buyukcelik A, Utkan G, Tek I, Akbulut H, Sencan O, Icli F. The effect of venous thromboembolism on survival of cancer patients and its relationship with serum levels of factor VIII and vascular endothelial growth factor: a prospectivematched-paired study. Int J Biol Markers, 21, 206-210 (2006).
8) Utkan G, Buyukcelik A, Yalcin B, Tek I, Doruk H, Dincol D, Erekul S, Baykara M. Extranodal Hodgkin disease presenting with gluteal mass and hypercalcemia. South Med J, 99, 1149-1150 (2006).
9) Yalcin B, Dogan M, Buyukcelik A, Doruk H, Tek I, Demirkazik A. Interferon-alpha as maintenance therapy in patients with multiple myeloma. Ann Oncol, 16, 1981(2005).
10) Tek I, Büyükcelik A, Yalcin B, Akbulut H. Lymphoscintigraphy in pregnant patients with breast cancer: is it really safe? Ann Oncol, 16, 674-5 (2005).

Doctor is also the member of the following

Internal Medicine Association;

Turkish Oncology Group Association,

Medical Oncology Association,

Turkish Hematology Association,

Hemapharesis Association

Academic Geriatric Association 

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