Medical School

Ankara University Medical Faculty, 1986

Post-Graduate Training

Hacettepe University Medical Faculty, 1994


Professional Experience

Medical Faculty, Deanship and Director of Surgical Medical Sciences, Kırıkkale University 

Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi Hospital (inn aff with John’s Hopkins Med) General Surgery, (2011-2017)

Yeditepe Üniversitesi Medical Faculty General Surgery (2017-2020)

European Board of Surgery (General Visceral Surgery), (2012-)

Turkish Surgical Association Education, 2000-2010, Re-validation (2012-2022)

Robotic Surgery Certificate, Strasbourg (2013-)

Level I,II,III Reconstructive Breast Cancer Surgery and Level III Treating Mammoplasty- Masterclass Certificate, (2014-)

European Breast Science Academy – Dusseldorf, Education (2015) 


Medical Interests

Cancer Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery

Colon and Rectum Cancer Surgery

Anal Diseases (Piles, Fistulas, Fissures)

Gastric and Esophageal Treatment

Liver Bile Ducts and Pancreas Surgery (Laparoscopic Robotic)

Gall Bladder Calculus, Bile Duct Calculus and Tumors

Gall Bladder ınflammation

Pancreas cancer,


Metastatic Cancers of Liver

Liver Cysts

Robotic Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Soft Tissue Tumors and Sarcoma Surgeries

Hernia Surgery, Abdominal Wall Repairs (Laparoscopic and Robotic)

Thyroid, Adrenal Surgery (Laparoscopic and Robotic)



Fellow of American College of Surgeons

Fellow of European Board of Surgery, Visceral Seciton (Onursal Üye)

Avrupa Koloproktololoji Derneği (ESCP) (European Coloproctology Association)

Avrupa Meme Kanseri Cerrahisi Uzmanları Derneği, European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA)

Avrupa Cerrahi Onkoloji Cerrahi Derneği (European Society of Surgical Oncology)

Avrupa Meme Bilimi Derneği-Euroasian Mastology (EUSAMA)

International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons

Türk Cerrahi Derneği Eğitim Yeterlik Kurulu Üyeliği, 2008-2012
(Membership in Turkish Surgical Association, 2008-2012)

Türk Cerrahi Derneği Yönetim Kurulu Üyeliği, 2010-2016 (Member of Board of Directors in Turkish Surgical Association)

Türk Kolon ve Rektum Cerrahisi Derneği
(Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Association)
Türk Dahili ve Cerrahi Yoğun Bakımlar Derneği Eğitim Yeterlik Kurulu Üyeliği, 2012
(Turkish Internal and Surgical Intensive Care Associations, 2012)

Medical Second Opinion
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