Medical School

Hacettepe University Medical Faculty (English) 2002-2009  

Post-Graduate Training

Marmara Üniversitesi Medical Faculty Urology (2010-2015) 

Urology compliance: European Urology Committee “Fellowship” Diploma, FEBU (2017)


Specialty thesis: Investigation of the possible protective effect of melatonin for erectile dysfunction that developed in rats with experimental onset of diabetes (2015). Coordinator: Prof. Cem Akbal, M.D.


Professional Experience

2009 - 2010General practitionerAfşin 112 Emergency Healthcare Services (State Obligation)
2010 - 2015Assistant DoctorMarmara University Pendik Education & Research Hospital
2015 - 2016SpecialistÜmraniye Education & Research Hospital (State Obligation)
2016 – (4 Months)SpecialistHakkari State Hospital (State Obligation)
2016 - 2018SpecialistVan Education & Research Hospital (State Obligation)
2018 - 2022Assoc. Prof. (Chief Assistant)Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar City Hospital
2022-continuedAssoc. Prof.Medicana Bursa Hospital


Medical Interests

Laparoscopic urology surgeries

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. 
Laparoscopic radical cystectomy 
Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy.  
Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy
Laparoscopic retroperitoneal mass lesion excision.
Laparoscopic pyelopathy, ureteroneocystostomy
Laparoscopic vesicovaginal fistula repair
Laparoscopic sacro-colpopexy, l
Laparoscopic pyelolithotomy


Kidney cancer, 
Prostate cancer,
Bladder cancer,
Testicular cancer,

Urinary system calculi

Percutaneous calculus surgery
Flexible - rigid ureteroscopy

Urinary incontinence and female urology 

Botox application

Reconstructive Urology (Congenital and acquired anomalies)

Urethral stenosis
Vesicovaginal fistula repair
Bladder and uterus prolapse
Benign prostatic hyperplasia 
Holep, Bipolep, Tur-p


Penile Cuvarture repair
Penile prosthesis application


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SPSS basic statistics course, basic statistical information and practical education, Istanbul 03.05.2014 - 04.05.2014
Experimental Animals certificate, theoretical and practical education for investigations to be performed with small experimental animals, Marmara University experimental animals laboratory, 08.05.2014 – 29.05.2014
Endnote use course, Basic theoretical and practical education on endnote use, Marmara University Central Library, 09.01.2015 – 09.01.2015
Robotic surgery course, practical education with conventional approach and simulation, Antalya /Belek 14. Üroonkoloji kongresi, 09.11.2019 - 09.11.2019
Endoscopic combined intrarenal surgery, Türk Üroloji Akademisi (one to one surgical course) US-guided entrance to kidney (2019)

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