Medical School

Atatürk University

Post-Graduate Training

School of Medicine, Uludağ University

Professional Experience

2000-2005 Uludağ University
2006- 2009 Karadeniz Technical University
2011 Uludağ University
2014- 2015 United States of America
Harvard University, Boston; , Massachussets General Hospital
Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
University of California San Diego, Sulpizio Cardio-Vascular Center

Special Experience

Robotic Surgery.

Thoracoscopic Surgery (closed surgeries)

Medical Interests

Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Lung Cancer

Surgical Treatment of all lung diseases

Surgical Treatment of Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Rib Cage Deformities

Pulmonary tuberculosis

Pleural Effusion

Pulmonary Cyst

Masses and tumor on and in the ribcage

Tracheal diseases

Esophageal masses and tumors

Thymic diseases

Medical Second Opinion
✓ Valid

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