Medical School

Undergraduate Faculty of Medicine Cumhuriyet University 1990-1996

M.Sc. Faculty of Medicine Cumhuriyet University 1990-1996

Post-Graduate Training

Doctorate / S.Efficiency / Specialization in Medicine Internal Medicine Kocaeli University 1998-2002

Minor Speciality (Medical Oncology) Medical Oncology Uludağ University 2008-2012

Associate Professor Title of Medical Oncology - 04.04.2016


Professional Experience

Research Assistant, Kocaeli University Medical Faculty Internal Diseases 1998-2002

Specialist Physcian (Internal Diseases) Kocaeli State Hospital 2002-2008

Minor Speciality Assistant Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine Medical Oncology BD 2008-2012

Physcian (Medical Oncology) Balıkesir State Hospital 2012-2014

Physcian (Medical Oncology) Ali Osman Sönmez Oncology Hospital 2014-2016

Associate Professor Nilüfer Avcı Balıkesir University Internal Diseases / Medical Oncology 2016-2017

Associate Professor Nilüfer Avcı Medikal Park Bursa, Medical Oncology 2017-2018

Associate Prof Dr Nilüfer Avcı Medicana Bursa, Medical Oncology 2018-

Medical Interests

Cancer Types: Breast, Lung, Stomach, Pancreas, Safcomas, Prostate, Bladder


Targeted treatments

Pain and nutrition therapy in cancer patients

Brain tumors

Medical Second Opinion
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