Medical School

Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine (1990-1996)

Post-Graduate Training

Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine (1994-1996)

Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Surgery (1997-2002)


Professional Experience

Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgical Medical Sciences (2013-present)

Academic Administrative Experience
Trakya University, Faculty of Dentistry (2011-2013)
Trakya University (2008-2012)

Medical Interests

Pediatric surgery


Scientific Publications

Esophageal bal oon dilatation for strictures developing after esophageal atresia surgery. UlukayaDurakbaşaÇ.,AksuB.,UzunE.,UğurluD.,Aydöner S.,ErkoçG.,ÖzelŞ.K. DiseasesOfTheEsophagus, cilt.32,2019 (HakemliDergi) 
Assessment of ovarian reserve using serumanti-Mül erian hormone after ovarian torsion surgery. CaglarOskayliM.,GulcinN.,OzatmanE.,GercelG.,MutusM.,AksuB.,UlukayaDurakbaşaÇ. Pediatrics International, cilt.61, sa.5, ss.504-507,2019 (Hakemli Dergi)

 I. Long-termanalysis of surgical treatment outcomes in chronic pilonidal sinus disease. MUTUSH.,AksuB.,UZUNE.,GULCINN.,GERCELG.,OZATMANE.,DurakbasaC.,OKURH. Journalofpediatric surgery, cilt.53, ss.293-294,2018 (HakemliDergi)
Antioxidant and renoprotective effects of sphingosylphosphorylcholine on contrast-induced nephropathy in rats AKSUF.,AksuB.,UNLUN.,KARACAT.,AYVAZ S.,ERMANH.,UZUNH.,KELESN.,BULURŞ.,UNLUE. RENAL FAILURE, cilt.38, sa.7, ss.1089-1098,2016 (HakemliDergi) 

Effects of sphingosylphosphorylcholine against oxidative stress and acute lung injury induced by pulmonary contusion in rats AKSUB.,AYVAZ S.,Aksu F.,KARACAT.,CemekM.,AyazA.,DEMİRTAŞ S. JOURNALOF PEDIATRICSURGERY, cilt.50, sa.4, ss.591-597,2015 (HakemliDergi) 

The effect ofmethylene blue treatment on aspiration pneumonia. KanterM.,ŞahinS.,BASARANU.,AYVAZ S.,AKSUB.,ERBOGAM.,COLAKA. The Journalof surgical research, cilt.193, ss.909-19,2015 (HakemliDergi) 

Desferrioxamine effectively attenuates testicular tissue at the end of 3 h of ischemia but not in an equal period of reperfusion. AYVAZ S., İNANM.,AksuB.,KARACAT.,CEMEKM.,AYAZA.,BASARANU.,PULM. Journalofpediatricurology, cilt.10, ss.550-8,2014 (HakemliDergi) 

 A novel approach for preventing esophageal stricture formation: olmesartan prevented apoptosis. DERELIM.,KRAZINSKIB.,AYVAZ S.,AksuB.,KANTERM.,UZUNH.,GELISGENR.,UMITC., İNANM.,BASARANU.,et al. Folia histochemica et cytobiologica, cilt.52, ss.29-35,2014 (HakemliDergi) 

The effects of hyperbaric oxygen application against cholestatic oxidative stress and hepatic damage after bile duct ligation in rats. AYVAZ S.,KANTERM.,AksuB.,SAHINS.,UZUNH.,ERBOGAM.,PULM. The Journalof surgical research, cilt.183, ss.146-55,2013 (HakemliDergi) 

Çocuklarda Kasıkta Ortaya Çıkan ve Yaşamı Tehdit Eden Bir Sorun: Boğulmuş Fıtık İnanM.,BaşaranÜ.N. ,AKSUB.,DereliM.,DörtdoğanZ. TrakyaÜniv.Tıp.Fak.Derg, sa.24, ss.132-136,2007 (HakemliDergi) 

Gastric pneumatosis intestinalis: An indicator of intestinal perforation in preterminfants with necrotizing enterocolitis? DuranR.,AcunaşB.,AKSUB.,VatanseverÜ. 

JOURNALOF PEDIATRICGASTROENTEROLOGYANDNUTRITION, cilt.43, sa.4, ss.539-541,2006 (HakemliDergi) XI . A novel approach for preventing esophageal stricture formation: sphingosylphosphorylcholineenhanced tissue remodeling YagmurluA.,AksuB.,Bingol-Kologlu .,RendaN.,AltinokG.,Fitoz S.,Gokcora I.,DindarH. PEDIATRICSURGERYINTERNATIONAL, cilt.20, sa.10, ss.778-782,2004 (HakemliDergi)

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32045061708 - 20.05.1972- Malatya


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