Medical School
Pamukkale University School of Medicine, 1996-1999
Dokuz Eylül University School of Medicine, 1993-1996

Post-Graduate Training
Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Kartal Training and Research Hospital, 2001-2005

Professional Experience
Private Medicana International Istanbul Hospital, 2016-Present
Private Memorial Diyarbakır Hospital, 2012-2016
İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Radiation Oncology Clinic, 2009-2012
GATA Radiation Oncology Clinic, 2008-2009
İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Radiation Oncology Clinic, 2005-2008
Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Kartal Training and Research Hospital, Radiation Oncology Clinic Specialty Training, 2001-2005
Mardin Mazıdağı Health Center, 1999-2001 

Medical Interests
Breast Tumors,
Prostate Tumors,
Lung Tumors,
Stereotactic Radiosurgery,
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy 

Special Experience
Breast Tumors, 
Prostate Tumors, 
Lung Tumors, 
Stereotactic Radiosurgery, 
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy.

Scientific Publications

International Publications:
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