Medical School

Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, ISTANBUL (2002-2008) 

Post-Graduate Training

Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital (2009-2013)

Professional Experience

Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital (2009-2013), 

Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Training and Research Hospital (2013-2018), 

Private Ikitelli Batı Bahat Hospital (2018-2021), 

Private BHT Clinic Istanbul Tema Hospital (2020-2021), 

Private Medicana Beylikduzu Hospital, ISTANBUL (2022-Present)

Medical Interests

Ovarian cysts and cancers


Myoma uteri

Endometrial polyps, hyperplasia, and cancers

Premalignant and malignant pathologies of the cervix

HPV screening and treatments


Contraception (family planning methods)

Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery

Urogynecology (urinary incontinence and genital organ prolapse)

Genital aesthetics (vaginoplasty - perinoplasty)

Excessive vaginal bleeding - gynecological infections

Menstrual disorders - polycystic ovary - menopause treatments

Gynecological hormonal pathologies and adolescent gynecology

Ectopic pregnancy - miscarriage - recurrent pregnancy losses - abortion treatments

Pregnancy follow-up

Prenatal diagnosis - diagnostic procedures in the mother's blood (free fetal DNA) and in the womb (amniocentesis-CVS)

Detailed fetal ultrasound - fetal anomalies

Pregnancy complications (preeclampsia, gestational diabetes)

3D/4D imaging (four-dimensional fetal imaging)

Management of high-risk pregnancies (premature birth-cervical incompetence)

Normal and cesarean delivery

Special Experience

Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery

Urinary incontinence

Genital organ prolapse

Recurrent pregnancy losses

High-risk pregnancies



HPV screening

Cervical diseases and treatment 

Medical Second Opinion
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