Medical School
Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty, 1985

Post-Graduate Training
Sisli Etfal Hospital, Ministry of Health, 1991

Professional Experience
Observer Physician at St. Thomas' Hospital, Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology, London, United Kingdom, 1991-1992
Assistant Professor at Gureba Hospital Radiation Oncology Clinic, 1993-2000
Associate Professor at Trakya University Medical Faculty Radiation Oncology Department, 2006-2008
Head of Radiation Oncology Department at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital, 2008-2021
Professor and Head of Radiotherapy Program at Istanbul Bilgi University School of Health Sciences, 2016-2019
Faculty Member at Biruni University School of Health Sciences, Radiotherapy Program, 2020-2021
Medical Park Florya, 2021-2022
Head of Radiation Oncology Department at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital, 2021-Present

Medical Interest
Breast Cancer
Gynecologic Cancers
Head and Neck Cancers
Prostate Cancer

Special Experience
Breast Cancer
Gynecologic Cancers
Head and Neck Cancers
Prostate Cancer

Scientific Publications
Uluslararası hakemli dergilerde yayımlanan makaleler 
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Rewards and Thanks
Honorable mention award in the category of free paper;
Tokatlı F., Altaner Ş., Uzal C., Türe M., Koçak Z., Uygun K., Bilgi S. Analysis of the relationship between Her-2/neu expression and the number of positive axillary lymph nodes in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients: Single center experience. VIII. National Breast Diseases Congress, p. 198, Istanbul, 2005.
Award in the category of free paper;
Alas R.C., Uzal C., İbiş K., Tokatlı F., Çermik T.F., Eskiocak S., Altaner Ş., Gül H. Analysis of the protective effect of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) on kidney and liver functions in irradiated rats. VII. National Radiation Oncology Congress, p. 69, Fethiye, 2006.


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