Medical School

Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, 1992-1998

Post-Graduate Training

Lütfi Kırdar Kartal Training and Research Hospital 2nd Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic, 1998-2003

Professional Experience

Hakkari Mountain and Commando Brigade, 30th Mobile Surgical Hospital, 2004-2005

Tunceli State Hospital, 2005-2007

Istanbul Validebağ State Hospital, 2007-2009

Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital, 2009-2011

MedicalPark Göztepe Hospital, 2011-2020

Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Medicine, Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic (Assistant Professor), 2019-Present

Emsey Hospital, 2020

Medical Interests

Sports Injuries

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Meniscus Surgery

Joint Cartilage Treatment

Robotic Prosthetic Surgery

Knee Cap Problems, Treatment of Recurrent Dislocations

Shoulder Dislocations, Rotator Cuff Tears, and Shoulder Disorders

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Treatment of Fractures and Dislocations

Scientific Publications

"Thoracoscopic Vertebral Body Tethering for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Minimum of 2 Years’ Results of 21 Patients." Pehlivanoğlu T, Oltulu İ, Ofluoğlu E, Sarıoğlu E, Altun G, Korkmaz M, Yıldırım K, Aydoğan M. J Pediatr Orthop. 2020 Nov/Dec; 40(10):575-580.

"A Retrospective Review of Radiographic and Clinical Findings from the M6 Cervical Prosthesis." Oltulu I, Korkmaz O, Sarioglu E, Aydogan M. Asian Spine J. 2019 Dec 13(6):913-19.

"The comparison of arthroscopic acromioplasty with and without acromioclavicular coplaning." N Aydın, B Kocaoğlu, E Sarıoğlu, O Tok, O Güven. Ulusal Travma Ve Acil Cerrahi Dergisi. 2018, 24(3): 274-277.

"Posterior bilaterotricipital approach for surgical treatment of children’s Gartland Type III supracondylar humeral fractures, European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, 2012, Volume 22, Number 6, Page 457. Güven Bulut, Ender Sarıoğlu, Gökçe Mık, Önder Ofluoğlu, Halil İbrahim Bekler

"A new index for the assessment of distal radius fractures involving the ulnar styloid." Haldun Orhun, Muhsin Dursun, Volkan Gürkan, Ender Sarioglu, Güray Altun, Ozan Akca. Acta Orthop Trauma Turc. 2011 45(4). 261-265.

"Diagnosis and Management of Common Primary Benign Spinal Tumors." The Journal Of Turkish Spinal Surgery, Cilt 16, Sayı 4 (2005).

"What Orthopedic Surgeons Need to Know about Primary Hyperparathyroidism." Kartal State Hospital Medical Journal 2004;15(2):120-123.

"Wide Resection and Endoprosthesis Treatment of Malignant Bone Tumors with Involvement of the Extensor Mechanism and Walking Analysis of 3 Cases." 5th Turkish Orthopedic Oncology Congress September 15-17, 2004, SAMSUN.

"Treatment of Giant Cell Tumor." 5th Turkish Orthopedic Oncology Congress September 15-17, 2004, SAMSUN.

"Effect of Paracetamol on Fracture Healing: Experimental Study with Radiological, Histological, and Biomechanical Aspects in Mice." Specialization Thesis, 2003.

"A Case of Parosteal Osteosarcoma with Diagnostic Difficulty." Kartal State Hospital Medical Journal 2001;12(1-2-3):108-110.

"Incidence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV in Elective Orthopedic Surgery." 18th National Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Congress, ISTANBUL.

Medical Second Opinion
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