Soft Tissue Cancer

"The Importance of Multidisciplinary Approaches in Soft Tissue Cancer Treatment"

I have extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating soft tissue malignancies. These can appear in muscles, tendons, and fascia and are treated by an orthopedic specialist. Patients with benign tissue tumors, especially those that damage the bones and joints, receive the best care possible at our institutions.

Soft tissue malignancies are not frequent, but when they arise, they must be treated quickly for the best chance of recovery. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists considers the patient's medical history, the type and stage of the disease, and general condition while diagnosing and treating malignant malignancies.

The First Step in Soft Tissue Cancer Treatment: Determining the Type and Stage

Finding out the type and stage of the tumor is the first step in treating soft tissue cancer. This is often accomplished through a biopsy, which entails the removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic inspection. We may advise either surgery, radiation therapy, or a combination of these therapies, depending on the kind and stage of the cancer.  

Since surgery can be highly effective in eliminating malignant growth, it is frequently the therapy of choice for soft tissue tumors. These treatments, which can be carried out either by open incisions or minimally invasive methods, can be carried out by our team of orthopedic specialists with a high level of proficiency. We employ the most recent surgical techniques and equipment to give patients the best results possible, including quicker recovery, less discomfort, and minor scarring.

Surgery: A Common Treatment for Soft Tissue Cancer

As an orthopedic surgeon who works in our hospitals, I can tell you that surgery is frequently used to treat soft tissue cancer. Depending on the type and stage of the cancer, it may be the first line of treatment or used with other medicines.

During surgery for soft tissue cancer, the aim is to remove the entire malignant tissue as well as some nearby healthy tissue to ensure that all cancer cells are eliminated. This procedure is called wide local excision.

A lymph node biopsy or dissection may also be carried out in some instances if the cancer has spread to neighboring lymph nodes to remove any malignant lymph nodes.

A limb-sparing technique is another kind of surgery for soft tissue cancer. This technique removes the tumor while leaving the limb intact. It may be utilized when the cancer is in an arm or leg as an alternative to amputation.

It's crucial to remember that the kind of surgery needed will depend on the cancer's type and stage as well as the patient's general condition. You and your doctor will decide on your unique situation's ideal course of action.

In some circumstances, radiation therapy may also be suggested as an alternative to surgery. This can eliminate cancer cells still present and lower the likelihood of the disease returning.

We are dedicated to providing patients with soft tissue tumors the best possible care at our facilities. Our team of professionals creates each patient's treatment plan to address their needs and goals. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with soft tissue cancer, I welcome you to contact us to arrange a consultation and learn more about your treatment options.

Please contact us by phone at +90 850 460 1010 or by email at [email protected]. We are here to support you and provide you or a loved one with the best care.

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