Neck Hernia

Are you suffering from a Neck Hernia? Our Minimally Invasive Treatments Can Help

I am a brain surgeon at Medicana Health Group. Therefore, I know the value of neck hernia therapies that work. Neck hernias, sometimes called cervical hernias, develop when pressure is placed on the neck's nerves by a bulging or protrusion of the spinal disc. Significant pain, discomfort, and limited movement may result from this. At Medicana, we provide a variety of therapies to aid in managing and recovering this illness for our patients.

• Conservative Treatment: In many situations, conservative treatment options may be enough to alleviate a neck hernia's symptoms. Rest, physical therapy, painkillers, and using a cervical collar to support the neck can all be part of this.

• Epidural Steroid Injections: If conservative treatment is ineffective, physicians may suggest epidural steroid injections to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. During this minimally invasive procedure, a corticosteroid is injected into the area surrounding the spinal cord in the neck.

• Minimally Invasive Surgical: We offer minimally invasive surgery options such as microdiscectomy and endoscopic discectomy for patients with more severe or enduring symptoms. These treatments involve removing the herniated section of the spinal disc through a tiny incision to relieve pressure on the afflicted nerves.

• Traditional Open Surgery: Open surgery may occasionally be required to treat a neck hernia. It may be advised if the spinal cord is under a lot of pressure, there are several herniated discs, or other surgical procedures have failed. Our group of exceptionally talented surgeons performs these procedures securely and efficiently using the most recent methods and tools.

• Rehabilitation and follow-up care: Our team offers rehabilitation and follow-up care following neck hernia surgery or other neck hernia treatment to ensure proper and safe healing. Physical therapy, pain management, and continual observation to guarantee the condition does not return can all be part of this.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

As a brain surgeon at Medicana Health Group, I am pleased to offer minimally invasive surgery to our patients. This state-of-the-art technique has changed the industry by enabling us to carry out complex operations with fewer incisions and quicker recoveries.

In minimally invasive surgery, the damaged part of the body is operated on using a laparoscope, a tiny camera, and other specialized tools. The camera offers a high-resolution picture of the surgical site, enabling the doctor to inspect and manipulate tissue precisely. The laparoscope and other tools are inserted through tiny skin incisions made by the surgeon.

Laparoscopic, robotic, robotic surgery and endoscopic surgeries are examples of minimally invasive procedures. The most popular method, laparoscopic surgery, is used for a variety of operations. Robotic surgery is a form of laparoscopic surgery in which a robotic system operates the surgical tools. An endoscope, a flexible tube with a camera and other tools attached, is used during endoscopic surgery.

Due to its many advantages, minimally invasive surgery has grown in popularity recently. Compared to individuals who have open surgery, patients who have minimally invasive surgery often suffer less pain, leave fewer scars, and heal faster. Additionally, patients can frequently resume their regular activities sooner than those who have had open surgery due to the lessened physical damage.

We at Medicana Health Group are aware of the adverse effects neck hernias can have on the quality of life of our patients. Our team of experts is committed to offering our patients individualized, successful treatment choices to help them regain mobility, relieve pain, and enhance their general well-being.

Don't wait to seek treatment if you have been diagnosed with a neck hernia or are currently experiencing its symptoms. At Medicana Health Group, our staff of skilled brain surgeons is here to provide relief and help you regain your quality of life. Call us at +90 850 4601010 to set up a consultation or, learn more about our neck hernia treatments, or email us at [email protected].

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