Ethnic Rhinoplasty

What is the Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Technique?

Ethnic Rhinoplasty, which we call reduction rhinoplasty, is significantly different from the classical nose reduction surgeries mostly performed for Caucasian races. ?While cartilage and bone must be removed in these races, it is performed by nose augmentation and cartilage addition method in African-American individuals and Asians. Most importantly, this technique helps patients improve their facial appearance without losing their unique facial features that bear traces of their ethnic background.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty that requires an extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of facial standards for different ethnic groups can be performed by experienced surgeons. It is a job that includes more subtle surgical techniques than other rhinoplasty methods. In these operations, grafts and materials such as implants may be needed to obtain a more prominent and raised nose structure. Reliable implants with natural tissue and pores are used to obtain a nose suitable for the face shape and ethnicity of the patients.

Patients with very small and flat noses, nasal imbalance with a nose incompatible with the chin and forehead structure, wide nostrils, low and disproportionate or excessively raised nose tips are suitable for this surgery. ?As in other nose operations, ethnic rhinoplasty cannot be performed in children who have not completed their nose development, and patients must be at least 15 years old. 

As a result of ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, the facial features of the patients are balanced without suppressing their ethnic origins. It can reshape the nose and promote facial appearance, and a noticeable change in silhouette can be achieved. The face becomes symmetrical, and patients' eyes, chin, cheeks and other facial features get redefined. A better face profile will be obtained. The patient's mood and self-confidence improve. Respiratory problems, cartilage deviation and other structural defects of the nose can also be corrected with rhinoplasty. 

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