Genital Aesthetics and Vagina Tightening

Genital area consists of vulva, labia major, labia minor, clitoris, vagina and adjacent organs. There may be visual and functional disorders due to reasons such as congenital and genetic factors in the genital area or giving birth, some surgeries, chronic constipation, etc. 
All visual or functional disorders in the genital area can be corrected. Generally, patients or their partners can have complaints about deformities, large and droopy labia, a puffy vulva that is evident even from under clothes, birth marks and stitch scars, and wrinkles. Sometimes, they may complain about not being able to enjoy the intercourse, not being able to orgasm, painful sexual intercourse, and passing gas during the intercourse. 
The most common operations in genital aesthetics are vaginoplasty (vagina tightening and vaginal aesthetics), labioplasty (reduction of labia major and minor, asymmetry and deformity treatment), g-shot (g spot filling for the complaint of inability to orgasm), some filler injections for wrinkles, bladder and uterine prolapse operations. 
Although the physician is the primary decision maker in operations, the opinion of the patients and their partners and what type of operation they want are very important, too. 
A very important point about these operations is that the patients can return to work immediately without the need to stay in the hospital and they can be done with regional anesthesia without general anesthesia for the patient's health. 

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