Hand Surgery and Microsurgery

Hand surgery and microsurgery are two different types of surgical procedures that involve the treatment of the hands and fingers. Hand surgery is a surgical method used for the treatment of bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, skin, and other tissues in the hand and wrist area. This type of surgery is used to treat conditions such as injuries, fractures, tendon and nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other hand and finger-related conditions. Microsurgery, on the other hand, is a surgical technique used to treat delicate structures such as small blood vessels, nerves, and tissues by making small incisions during the surgical procedure. This method is particularly useful for procedures such as replantation (reattaching a severed finger), nerve repair, tissue transfer, and other delicate surgical procedures. Microsurgery procedures enable the surgeon to manipulate small tissues using specialized equipment such as magnifying glasses and microscopes. Both surgical methods are designed to help regain the health and functionality of the hands and fingers.

In which conditions you may need to approach hand surgery and microsurgery units?

You may need to consult hand surgery and microsurgery units for the following conditions:

Hand Surgery:
• Hand injuries resulting from fractures or dislocations
• Repetitive stress injuries such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tenosynovitis
• Joint problems such as osteoarthritis and calcification
• Nerve problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, and nerve entrapment
• Tumors or infections
• Congenital hand deformities
• Sports injuries

• Traumatic injuries such as finger amputation or severing
• Replantation (attempting to prevent limb loss by surgically reattaching an entirely severed or amputated finger or limb with all its anatomical structures)
• Nerve injuries
• Tissue transfer, i.e. taking tissue from the patient's body and transferring it to another location
• Treatment of delicate structures such as blood vessels, lymph vessels, bones, and muscles
El surgery and microsurgery are commonly used to regain hand and finger function, and surgical interventions are usually minimally invasive, meaning they are performed with small incisions. However, like any surgical procedure, these procedures carry risks, and your surgeon should evaluate your condition to determine the appropriate treatment method.

What to Consider in Hand and Microsurgery Units?

In the field of hand surgery and microsurgery, many factors are taken into consideration for the health and safety of the patient during and after surgical interventions. Some of these factors include:

• Sterilization: Surgical instruments and equipment are sterilized in advance and checked again before the procedure.

• Anesthesia: During the surgical intervention, the patient may receive local or general anesthesia. The appropriate anesthesia method is determined based on the patient's health status and the type of surgical intervention.

• Monitoring: Vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels are closely monitored during the surgical procedure.

• Minimal invasive surgical techniques: Hand surgery and microsurgery are typically performed using minimal invasive techniques, which allows for small incisions and a faster recovery process.

• Recovery process: After the surgical intervention, the patient's recovery process is closely monitored. Doctors prescribe necessary medications to control the patient's pain and regularly check their wounds.

• Rehabilitation: Following hand surgery and microsurgery interventions, rehabilitation programs may be recommended to strengthen the patient's hand and fingers and regain their mobility.

In hand surgery and microsurgery units, in addition to surgical interventions, a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's health status is performed, and appropriate treatment plans are developed. The health and safety of the patient is always the top priority during and after surgical interventions.

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