Pediatric Development Consultant

What is a Child Development Consultant?

Child development consultants are individuals who study and monitor children's mental, physical, and social development. They assess children based on their infancy, play, school, and adolescent stages and guide and advise parents. Children are influenced by their age-appropriate behavior and the behaviors of individuals in their social environment and family. Child development consultants consider all of these factors and provide constructive and healthy guidance to children.
Child development consultants not only provide counseling to healthy children but also to children who exhibit abnormal development or who have special needs due to their disabilities. In this process, child development consultants provide psychological counseling to children and help them regain or develop their physical skills.
Child development consultants also deal with children who are hospitalized and undergoing treatment. During the hospitalization process, the mental state of children is crucial for treatment, and our expert child development consultants provide services at this stage.
Child development consultants aim to raise healthy children who can care for themselves and transition into adulthood. They work meticulously to ensure that children are presented correctly."
Communication with the child is not the only important factor in the solution; family support also plays a crucial role. During the treatment process, parents and teachers have a significant responsibility. It is essential to communicate with the child, behave consistently, listen to them, spend time with them, and most importantly, support them during treatment. Child development counselors also administer intelligence and attention tests to children as part of their duties. Mental skill tests are essential for measuring where children stand regarding development. If the child is in school, programs that support their academic success are also added to these tests. Counselors also closely monitor these tests and programs.
If the child is at play age, counselors also assist families in selecting toys. The selected toys should accelerate the child's development and provide educational value.
Adolescence can cause many parents anxiety. Child development counselors guide families in supporting their children's behaviors and physical changes. Knowing how to treat and respond to children during this time is essential.

What illnesses does a child development counselor look for?

A Child Development Counselor deals with various issues each child may face, as every child's problems can be unique. Seeking support from a Child Development Counselor is crucial for issues that emerge through the observation of parents and teachers. The difficulties that a Child Development Counselor deals with are as follows:

  • Emotional or behavioral problems
  • Lying
  • Fear
  • Sleep problems
  • Bedwetting
  • Toilet training
  • Late talking
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Fear of school
  • Sibling jealousy
  • Thumb sucking
  • Obsessions
  • Withdrawal
  • Attention deficit
  • Learning difficulties
  • Speech impediment
  • Difficulty reading or writing
  • Developmental delay
  • Eating problems
  • Hyperactivity disorder
  • Academic failure
  • Depression
  • Substance addiction
  • Obesity
  • Exam anxiety
  • Social phobia
  • Inability to cope with stress
  • Lack of anger management
  • Loss of appetite
  • Exceptional situation management (post-divorce, adoption, etc.)

Children with Special Talents or Disabilities

One of the other points on which a child development counselor should be consulted is whether the child has unique talents or disabilities. A different education roadmap should be established in both cases, and professional guidance is crucial.

Some talents can be developed, taught, and directed correctly with the help of counseling. Families should also do their part if the child has different or exceptional abilities. Under counseling supervision, more work should be done on that particular talent.

The consultancy support to be obtained in all these processes aims to ensure that children develop mentally and physically healthily. Building a solid foundation for children's relationships in school, social environment, and family will be crucial for them in later life.

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