We at Medicana Health Group are aware of how important eye health is to your general wellbeing. We provide thorough Ophthalmology departments at each of our hospitals because of this. Here are a few of the services we provide to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of various eye conditions:

Evaluations of Contact Lenses and Glasses

These examinations are essential to preserving clear eyesight and good eye health. Our eye disease units at Medicana Health Group have skilled and experienced optometrists who specialize in conducting thorough eyeglass and contact lens assessments.

The optometrist will evaluate your vision, check the health of your eyes, and establish your prescription for glasses during an eyeglass evaluation. In order to suggest the finest kind of lenses for you, they will also assess your lifestyle and visual requirements, such as internet use, reading, and outdoor activities.

The optometrist will examine your eyes during a contact lens evaluation to decide whether contact lenses are right for you. Additionally, they will assess your visual requirements and decide which contact lens option is appropriate for you, such as daily disposable, extended wear, or colored contacts.

Surgery for Cataracts

A cataract is a hazy or opaque spot in the lens of the eye that impairs vision. Cataracts are frequently removed by surgery. It is often advised when cataracts are posing serious visual issues, such as fuzzy vision, difficulties seeing at night, sensitivity to light and glare, or frequent adjustments to eyeglass prescriptions.

The clouded lens is removed during the surgery, which is done under local anesthetic, and is then swapped out for an intraocular lens (IOL). Ultrasound energy is often used to break the lens into little fragments, which are then removed through the incision during the procedure.

The surgical approach utilized can vary, but phacoemulsification is the one that is most frequently employed. Using ultrasound energy, the lens is broken up, and it is then removed through a small incision. Another method is called manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS), in which the lens is manually removed after a small incision is made with a blade.

the substitute IOLs can be either a common monofocal lens or a more expensive lens with better vision at various distances, like a multifocal or toric lens. The patient's unique needs, including age, lifestyle, and visual requirements, are often taken into consideration while selecting an IOL.

All things considered, cataract surgery is a secure and efficient way to restore eyesight clarity and raise quality of life. Patients can frequently return to their regular activities a few days following the operation because it is a routine procedure with a high success rate. Foreign patients, visitors, and expatriates in Turkey can choose Medicana for their cataract surgery requirements because our Ophthalmology units have a team of highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists who use the most up-to-date medical equipment and methods to provide the best possible patient care.

Evaluation and Treatment of Glaucoma

A series of eye conditions known as glaucoma can cause blindness and visual loss if unchecked. To protect vision, glaucoma must be diagnosed and treated early. Our eye disease center at Medicana provides thorough glaucoma assessments to identify and track this illness. Modern tools and technology are used by our team of skilled ophthalmologists to conduct thorough eye exams that include monitoring eye pressure, analyzing the optic nerve, and inspecting the retina.

Our team of specialists will work with you to create a specialized treatment plan once glaucoma has been diagnosed. Opioid medicine in the form of eye drops, laser therapy, and surgery are available glaucoma treatments. Our mission is to reduce or stop additional eyesight loss while enhancing your quality of life.

We are committed to offering our glaucoma patients the best possible care. The most advanced equipment is available at our eye disease section, and it is manned by skilled ophthalmologists who are dedicated to giving each patient the best results possible. Foreign patients, visitors, and expatriates in Turkey may rely on Medicana to provide them with the best care possible.

Evaluations and Treatments for the Retina

As the retina is the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye that is in charge of sending visual signals to the brain, retina evaluations and treatments are an essential component of eye health care. Ophthalmologists at Medicana Ophthalmology departments use the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic technologies when performing retina evaluations and treatments.

To find any indicators of retinal damage, such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and retinal tears, our ophthalmologists do complete eye exams. To obtain an in-depth image of the retina, they may occasionally use cutting-edge imaging methods like optical coherence tomography (OCT) or fluorescein angiography.

Our ophthalmologists can then suggest the best course of action if they notice any issues with the retina. This could involve surgery, photodynamic therapy, or laser therapy. For instance, diabetic retinopathy, which can harm the blood vessels in the retina, can be treated using laser therapy. A specific dye is injected into the bloodstream during photodynamic treatment to assist detect and treat aberrant blood vessels in the retina.

If surgery is necessary to treat a retinal detachment, our ophthalmologists are skilled at carrying out intricate procedures including vitrectomy, which involves extracting the vitreous gel from the eye. Our patients obtain the finest results from their retina assessments and treatments thanks to our cutting-edge facilities, highly skilled surgical teams, and dedication to patient safety.

Refractive Surgery and LASIK

Modern methods like LASIK and refractive surgery are used to treat visual issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These operations reshape the cornea, the transparent layer that covers the outside of the eye, with the help of precise laser technology, improving vision by ensuring that light entering the eye is appropriately focused onto the retina.

A common form of refractive surgery called LASIK precisely shapes the cornea using a cold light beam. Patients can quickly resume their regular activities after the short, painless, and often minimally disruptive operation.

Our eye disease departments at Medicana are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and staffed with highly skilled ophthalmologists who use the most recent surgical methods to ensure that our patients get the finest outcomes. Our dedication to ongoing education and training, as well as the creation of cutting-edge tools and technology, show how serious we are about the security and satisfaction of our patients.

Whether they are foreign patients, visitors, or expats in Turkey who want to enhance their vision, Medicana offers a secure, dependable, and cost-effective solution for all of their eye-care requirements. Medicana is the greatest option for people seeking the highest standard of care and the finest results from their eye surgeries thanks to its top-notch facilities and skilled eye doctors.

Contact us at +90 850 4601010 or [email protected] if you have any inquiries or would like to make an appointment. We look forward to assisting you in maintaining excellent eye health.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact us at +90 850 4601010 or e-mail: [email protected]. We look forward to helping you achieve optimal eye health.

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