Medicana Bahçelievler

Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital started admitting patients in an indoor area of 8100 m2 in 2003. Our hospital, with a capacity of 89 beds, has six operating rooms, two delivery rooms and general intensive care units, a cardiovascular intensive care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit, and a dialysis unit with 19 beds, which includes all the recent requirements and technologies.

Our hospital comes to the forefront, particularly with high-quality services provided by renal transplantation, dialysis, in vitro fertilization and gynecology and obstetrics units, cardiology and angiography units, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery (laparoscopic surgery), plastic and aesthetic surgery, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pediatric endocrinology, gastroenterology, endoscopy laboratory, ERCP laboratory and intensive care units.

Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital prioritizes patient satisfaction and good-humored service delivery. Experienced physicians provide experienced physicians deliver multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic services. Located in the center of the European side, the hospital is easily accessible to patients traveling from other cities and international patients.

  • Standard Room

    Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital has 67 standard rooms designed to meet all the needs of patients and family members. Mini fridges, television, and internet services, among others, are available in our spacious patient rooms, which meet all the basic needs of patients and family members. The rooms have an armchair, which can be positioned to help companions rest, an information brochure to inform patients about the risk of falls, and emergency pull cords.

  • Suite Room

    Suites of Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital are designed to be "as comfortable as your home" for meeting the various needs of patients and companions; the rooms consist of two separate parts. The patient and companions also have a television in the patient's room. There are only two suites, where all hygienic conditions are ultimately prioritized, and a chair exists for family members to rest comfortably. Emergency pull cords and bedside nurse call buttons are equipped in toilets and bathrooms. VIP tea/coffee sets are offered to our patients and visitors in the room.

  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • If you come from the Anatolian Side

    Transportation by private vehicle: Coming straight on the D100 highway, turn right at the Bahçelievler / Haznedar sign. On Calislar Street, you will see our hospital on the left side.
    By public transportation: After getting off the Metrobus at Bakırköy - İncirli stop, you can reach Haznedar after about 10 minutes with the minibusses passing on the Haznedar route.

  • If you come from Esenler Bus Station

    By private vehicle, Follow the Merter road. When you turn right at the Haznedar sign, you will see our hospital on the right after continuing straight for 2 kilometers.
    By Public Transportation: When you get off at Haznedar stop with Esenler - Bakırköy line 98G, you can reach our hospital on the right side 100 meters ahead.

  • If you come from Beylikduzu

    By private vehicle: You can reach our hospital by following the Haznedar sign after entering from the Bahçelievler sign.
    By public transportation: After getting off the Metrobus at Bakırköy - İncirli stop, you can reach Haznedar after about 10 minutes by minibusses passing through the Haznedar route.

  • If you come from Istanbul Airport

    By private vehicle: After entering the Bakırköy - Aksaray exit, continue toward E-5. Turn right towards the ramp in the direction of Bahçelievler - Güngören on the D100 South Side Road. After entering İncirli Junction, turn left in the direction of Çınarlı Street. After 300 meters, turn right to enter Old London Asfaltı Street. You will see Medicana Bahcelievler Hospital 200 meters after you enter the Bakırköy - Cevreyolu exit.
    By Public Transportation: After getting off at the Yenibosna stop with HAVAŞ buses, go to İncirli with Metro transportation. You can reach Bahçelievler after about 10 minutes with the minibusses passing through the route.

  • If you come from Sabiha Gökçen Airport


    Via Anadolu Otoyolu/O-4:
    1- Get on Anadolu Highway/O-4/E80 in Fatih from Sabiha Gökçen Havaalanı and Havaalanı Roundabout
    2- Continue on Anadolu Highway/O-4. Take D100 to Avrasya Tüneli in İstanbul. Take the Avrasya Tunnel exit from D100
    3- Continue on Avrasya Tunnel. Take Kennedy Main St. to Şevket Dağ St. in Bahçelievler Merkez

    Via O-7:
    1- Get on Anadolu Highway/O-4/E80 in Fatih from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Airport Roundabout
    2- Take O-7 and İstanbul Highway/O-2/E80 to Hasdal-Okmeydanı/Nurtepe Viaduct in İstanbul. Take the exit toward Aksaray/Taksim from İstanbul Highway/O-2/E80.
    3- Get on İstanbul Highway/O-1/D100 in İstanbul
    4- Follow İstanbul Highway to O-1/D100 in Topçular
    5- Continue on D100. Take Talatpaşa Main St. to Şevket Dağ St. in Bahçelievler

    Mass Transportation Lines::

    Bus: 98G, 98Y, A03, 98D, 16S, 132P, 133Ü, KM18, KM27, SG-2, 97T, E-3, 41AT, A28
    Subway: M4
    Marmaray: B1

    Get directions;
    A - M4 -> B1 -> 98G, 98Y, A03
    B - M4 -> B1 -> A03
    C - 16S -> 132P, 133Ü, KM18, KM27 -> B1 -> 98D, 98G, A03
    D - SG-2 -> 97T
    E - E-3 -> 41AT -> A28

  • Meal Hours

    Our patients are provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner subject to a program planned and approved by the Dietician.

  • Service Hours

    Breakfast: 07.00 - 08.00
    Lunch: 12.00 - 13.00
    Dinner: 17.00 - 18.00

  • To call your patients

    Please call our hospital at +90 (212) 449 14 49. If you know your patient's room number, press 5, then the room number. If you need to know the room number, our hospital's call center will help you.

  • Parking Lot

    A valet parking service is available in front of our hospital.

  • Cafeteria

    Happy Cook delivers cafeteria and food service on the 1st floor of our hospital.

  • Prayer Room

    Our hospital has one prayer room designed to meet the needs of all religions and beliefs.

  • ATM

    ATMs of Garanti BBVA, QNB Finansbank, TEB, Akbank, Vakıfbank, and Türkiye Finans Bank are located near our hospital's main entrance.

All of the medical technological equipment and services available at Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital are listed below:

Image title

1.5 Tesla MR

The 1.5 Tesla MRI imaging is a technological test that uses radio waves to capture detailed pictures of the body's internal organs. This test can detect diseases in various areas, such as the chest, abdomen, brain, lungs, knee, heart, and pelvis.

Image title

Whole-body MRI

Whole-body MR screening serves as an advanced, comprehensive check-up option for individuals concerned about or at risk for cancer. It scans the entire body in a single session, including the brain and neck, to furnish preemptive information before disease symptoms or tumor dissemination. People with a genetic predisposition to cancer are also candidates for this screening.

Image title

DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) Digital Angiography

DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) is used for detailed imaging of all the vessels in the body, allowing for the diagnosis of vascular diseases with the images obtained. This method can detect diseases such as narrowing, malformation, and fistulas in the vessels of different body areas, including the brain, abdominal region, skin, arms, and legs.

Image title


HoLEP is a prostate surgery method that uses a holmium laser entered through the urinary canal. Though performed in a minimally invasive manner, it removes the entire prostate similar to open prostate surgery. Spinal anesthesia can be sufficient during the surgery. The HoLEP method is used in the treatment of prostate diseases, allowing for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement.

Image title


Ultrasonography (US) is a method that uses sound waves to produce images. Many diseases can be diagnosed using an ultrasound device. This device, which does not involve radiation risk or side effects, does not cause any pain to the patient. Since ultrasonography does not involve radiation, patients do not experience unnecessary radiation exposure.

Image title

Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed Tomography (CT) is an imaging method that uses special X-ray technology to create detailed pictures or scans of the inside of the body, combining X-ray images to form cross-sectional views of vessels, bones, and soft tissues.

Image title


Mammography is a radiological imaging method using low-dose rays for screening and diagnosing breast diseases, widely used for early breast cancer detection.

Image title


X-ray visualizes the inside of the body, allowing for the imaging of bones and tissues. It plays a significant role in diagnosing many diseases and planning treatment processes.

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