Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Departments at Medicana Health Group are committed to assisting patients to regain their strength, mobility, and independence following an illness or injury. PhysicOur team of professionals includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, and rehabilitation specialists who are highly skilled in the most recent methods and tools that can aid patients in recovering as soon and thoroughly as possible.

After an illness or accident, our physical therapy and rehabilitation departments provide a comprehensive range of services to aid patients in regaining their strength, mobility, and independence. These consist of:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Patients with musculoskeletal ailments like sprains, strains, and fractures can benefit from our orthopedic physical therapy treatments. Our therapists collaborate with patients to use manual therapy, exercises, and modalities to decrease discomfort, increase range of motion, and strengthen the injured area.
  • Neurological Physical Therapy: Patients with neurological diseases like stroke, spinal cord damage, and traumatic brain injury can benefit from our neurological physical therapy treatments. Through task-specific exercises, gait training, and balance training, our therapists help patients gain more strength, coordination, and balance.
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy: We offer aging physical therapy treatments to older elderly patients with elated strength, mobility, and balance impairments. With single and fall prevention training, exercises to increase strength and flexibility, and fall prevention education, our therapists work to help patients improve their quality of life and lower their risk of falling.
  • Sports Physical Therapy: Athletes and active people who have sustained an injury can benefit from our sports physical therapy treatments. By utilizing strategies like sport-specific exercises, injury prevention education, and modalities, our therapists help patients get back to their sport or activity as fast and safely as possible.
  • Rehabilitation Services:Our rehabilitation services include occupational therapy, speech therapy, and rehabilitation nursing. Speech therapists assist patients with communication and swallowing issues, occupational therapists help patients with daily living tasks and fine motor skills, and rehabilitation nurses work with patients to manage pain and enhance their general health.
  • Robotic Rehabilitation: We offer cutting-edge automated rehabilitation services, including computerized balance and fall prevention drills, mechanical walking instruction, and robotic hand-arm training. With these technologies, our therapists can develop highly customized and focused rehabilitation plans to help our patients achieve their objectives.

Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Departments at Medicana Health Group are committed to assisting patients in recovering as soon and thoroughly as possible. We utilize a combination of skilled physical therapists and cutting-edge technology. We collaborate closely with our patients to comprehend their requirements and help them at each stage of the procedure, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.

At Medicana Health Group, we recognize that receiving medical care away from home may raise worries for foreign patients, tourists, or expats in Turkey. Because of this, we place a high value on offering excellent physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments in a warm and caring setting. Our staff of English-speaking therapists and nurses is committed to making sure that our out-of-country patients experience comfort and care during their treatment.

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation departments have cozy, private treatment rooms, the newest tools and facilities, highly qualified therapists, and cutting-edge technology. To aid patients in recovering as quickly and thoroughly as possible, we offer a comprehensive range of rehabilitation treatments, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and rehabilitation nursing.

Medicana Health Group cordially encourages you to contact us if you or a loved one requires physical therapy and rehabilitation services. We can set up a consultation and respond to any inquiries you may have. Call us at (908) 460-1010 or email [email protected] to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in recovering and returning to your regular life.

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