Our Pulmonology Units at Medicana Hospitals offer thorough and individualized care for various chest and lung-related diseases. Diagnose and treat problems like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, pneumonia, and many others with the help of our team of highly skilled and experienced doctors and specialists. Here are a few of the processes and services we provide:

Chest X-rays are a noninvasive diagnostic tool that produces a clear, two-dimensional image of the chest, including the lungs, heart, and blood arteries. Because they use low-dose radiation to create pictures, they are safe and efficient tests for a variety of lung disorders, including pneumonia, lung cancer, and pleural effusion. They can also detect other medical diseases, such as cardiac issues, that may impact the chest.

  • Spirometry: This quick, noninvasive test gauges a person's capacity for exhaling air and the rate at which they do so. Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are two lung disorders that can be detected and tracked using this test. Spirometry evaluates lung function to assess the severity of a lung ailment and monitor changes over time.
  • Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs): Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) are a collection of examinations used to gauge how well the lungs function. They can help diagnose and monitor asthma and COPD, for example. These exams assess the lungs' capacity to breathe, release air, and deliver oxygen to the bloodstream.
  • Bronchoscopy: During a bronchoscopy, the trachea, bronchi, and lungs are all examined from the inside using a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera attached. This examination identifies lung issues, such as tumors or foreign objects, and takes biopsies to identify the source of respiratory complaints.
  • Thoracentesis: Fluid accumulated around the lungs is removed using a needle and syringe during thoracentesis surgery. Numerous illnesses, such as heart failure, liver disease, and lung cancer, might contribute to the production of this fluid. Thoracentesis can help identify the source of the fluid accumulation and alleviate symptoms like breathlessness. After a needle is inserted during the procedure, a fluid sample is taken out of the chest cavity for analysis.

Medicana Health Group is a leader in post-COVID-19 care and provides the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for various chest disorders. Our highly qualified and skilled chest disease specialists are prepared to offer comprehensive care to patients to aid in their recovery and return to health because they know the peculiar difficulties and health issues that may occur with a COVID-19 infection.

Our cutting-edge facilities are outfitted with the most recent equipment and instruments to accurately diagnose and treat chest disorders, including post-COVID-19 related respiratory concerns such as lung inflammation and damage, oxygen shortage, and breathing difficulties. Our specialists collaborate closely with each patient to create a custom treatment plan considering their particular requirements and medical background.

The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly impacted people's lives, and we at Medicana are devoted to giving our patients the best care possible to help them recover and return to their regular lives. You can rely on our team of professionals to be there for you every step of the way, whether you are a resident, a patient from another country, a tourist, or an expat. Call us at +90 850 4601010 to learn more about our post-COVID-19 chest illness care or to make an appointment. You can also send us an email at [email protected].

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