Accompanying Policy


During the treatment, the patient has the right to have an accompanying person to assist them, within the limits allowed by the regulations and resources of our hospital and as deemed appropriate by the doctor in charge of the treatment based on the patient's health condition. The use of this right should be carried out in accordance with the procedures and principles determined in our hospital. We kindly request your cooperation in this matter for the sake of your patient's health, and emphasize the importance of accompanying your patient in accordance with the procedures and principles set forth in our hospital's accompanying policy.

  1. The number of accompanying persons is limited to one.
  2. The accompanying person should not be present with the patient during visits and medical care.
  3. The accompanying person should not perform any action on the patient outside the directives of the physician or nurse. They can only assist with the patient's care to the extent allowed.
  4. Without the request of the physician or nurse, the accompanying person should not take the patient out of the hospital or change their bed.
  5. To provide a peaceful environment for everyone, it is important for accompanying persons not to speak loudly or make noise in patient rooms and service corridors, use televisions in a way that does not disturb others, and turn off or set their phones to silent mode during doctor visits and after 10 pm.
  6. Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited in the hospital according to laws and hospital regulations.
  7. Accompanying persons should not bring any food or drinks from outside the hospital and should not give the patient any food that is not approved by the dietitian.
  8. A accompanying person card is provided during patient admission for the accompanying person.
  9. It is necessary to inform the nurse when there is a change in the accompanying person.
  10. The accompanying person is obliged to comply with the general hospital rules. In case of violation, your accompanying status will not be accepted.
  11. In addition to all of these, as an accompanying person, you should first inform the ward nurses if there is any problem regarding the patient's health. No intervention should be made without the knowledge of the ward nurses.
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