Complaints Policy


  • The Patient Rights Department contributes to the development of our hospital with the suggestions and opinions received from you. Not only the Patient Rights Department but also all relevant top-level managers aim to find solutions by considering your complaints and negative opinions.
  • You can submit your complaints, requests, and suggestions to our Patient Rights Department through face-to-face meetings, telephone, e-mail, website, survey/letter.
  • Additionally, you can express your views and complaints about our services by filling out the satisfaction survey form available in patient rooms and at the information desk.
  • Your complaints and suggestions are recorded and evaluated with the relevant department managers, and improvements are made to increase the quality of our services in accordance with your requests.
  • The results of your complaints will be reported back to you within the specified time frame by the Patient Rights Department.
  • Our hospital forwards complaints that cannot be resolved due to laws, regulations, and directives to a higher authority for investigation.
  • To share your opinions online, you can use the "Suggestions & Complaints" section on our website under the "Patients and Visitors" section. We appreciate your feedback to improve our service quality.
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