Visitation Rules


Acceptance of visitors must be carried out by the procedures and principles determined in our hospital and in a manner that will not cause any acts or behaviors that disturb the peace and tranquility of the patients. For your patient's health, we kindly ask for your assistance and emphasize that you should only visit the patient to obtain information from our healthcare professionals regarding the procedures and principles determined within our hospital's visitation policy framework.

  • Patient visitation is conducted within the visiting hours determined by our hospital. Visiting hours are arranged, considering our patients' care and rest times.
  • For our patients' health, visitors should only stay in the patients' rooms for a short duration. Therefore, we request that you limit your visitation time to 10 minutes and ensure that up to two visitors are in the room.
  • To prevent noise pollution in the hospital and protect the health of our patients, please use your mobile phones on silent mode.
  • IIndividuals with symptoms such as fever, coughing, sneezing, and phlegm production, those with known infectious diseases, those with chronic illnesses, and those who are susceptible to infection and children under the age of 12 should not be brought to the hospital environment or visit patients as much as possible because their immune systems are weaker than adults. However, in some cases, children's visits to patients can positively affect their recovery, so with adherence to infection control principles, the patient's children and siblings' children may be allowed to visit.
  • In exceptional circumstances, visitation restrictions may be imposed for the patient's health when the patient's doctor does not allow visitation during community outbreaks or in patients with suppressed immune systems. Please do not insist on visitation in these situations.
  • Smoking is prohibited within healthcare facilities.
  • To protect your patient's health, please do not bring outside food or drinks.
  • Please do not bring bouquet flowers to the hospital to be placed in a pot or vase. These flowers are not accepted in patient rooms as they pose an infection risk for your patient. The Information Desk collects the flowers and delivers them to your patient during their discharge.
  • During your visit, please be mindful not to touch any items or areas in the environment and equipment attached to the patient's care, and refrain from sitting on the patient's bed for the safety of both the patient and yourself.
  • Before and after the visit, please pay careful attention to your hand hygiene; wash and/or sanitize your hands.
  • If you see a warning sign on the patient's door during your visit, please consult the nurse before entering the room.
  • If you need to come into contact with a patient who is under isolation, please follow the instructions given by the healthcare staff regarding the necessary precautions according to the isolation category.
  • During your visit, please respect the privacy of the patient and their loved ones.
  • Please be mindful not to exhibit behaviors such as crying or shouting that reflect your emotional state in front of our patients, as it may harm them.

In Intensive Care Units;

  • Ensuring hand hygiene is the most crucial basic rule to prevent infections during patient visits in the Intensive Care Units. Protective gear such as gowns, gloves, masks, and shoe covers are primarily used for personal protection and do not contribute to infection control when routinely used while entering ICU, standard patient rooms, or rooms of immunocompromised patients. The correct use of such gear can ensure patient safety. Therefore, please do not hesitate to enter our hospital's Intensive Care Units without using personal protective equipment. This is, in fact, an internationally recognized entry system.
  • The maximum number of acceptable visitors is two people. However, the number of visitors may be restricted due to the difficulty of controlling the visitor count and the risk of environmental contamination. In such cases, please do not insist on visiting.
  • Only first-degree family members are allowed to visit the Intensive Care Units.
  • For your own, your patients, and all our other patients' health, please do not touch any other patient or patient care equipment during your visit except for your patient.
  • Please remember that Intensive Care Units are not single-bed units; other patients may receive treatment in the same division as your patient. Suppose it is not appropriate for any of the patients. In that case, the Intensive Care team may delay your admission to the Intensive Care Unit, even if it is the designated visitor hour. In such cases, please be patient and wait for information to be provided, and do not attempt to enter the Intensive Care Unit without permission. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We are at your service for a healthier life.
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